Attention, Women Over 40!

Do you want to be part of the 97% of women that fail to lose weight?


Hayley here! 

If you've started to experience weight gain and stubborn weight loss despite your best efforts at following a whole food diet paired with plenty of exercise... you're in the right place!

I teach women over 40 how to work with their changing hormones to lose belly fat, speed up their metabolism, and protect lean muscle mass, all without counting calories, giving up yummy foods, or spending hours working out.

If you're still reading, then you're obviously a health-conscious woman that wants to learn how lose weight in a safe and sustainable way without giving up your favorite foods or spending hours on the treadmill every day… and this is your first step in doing so.

Now, I might be a nutrition coach and personal trainer, but I LOVE teaching women how to get away with as much as possible while still getting results – outside of my family, it’s my #1 passion in life.


But why on earth should you listen to me?

Well you don’t have to of course, but over the past 15 years, I’ve figured out how to maintain my weight and slim figure (all while drinking wine and eating plenty of calories) even in the face of adversity (lack of time, pregnancy, insomnia, stress, perimenopause, and a market that's saturated with fad diets and too much information) and I've helped over 100 women do the same.  I truly believe that this is my purpose in life and now I want to help you achieve the same results and more! 

I've realized that simply restricting calories (or carbs or sugar or fat) with fad diets doesn't work at our age; we need to eat and train in a SPECIFIC way to support our changing metabolism and hormones.

Nowadays, my focus has shifted from general fitness coaching to specifically helping women in their 40's and beyond, who want their 30-year old body back (or as close to as possible) without extreme diets, calorie counting, or strenuous workouts. 

Bottom line, I'm on a mission to help health-conscious women like yourself reach their flat belly goals in a safe and sustainable way.

I wasn't getting any results for my clients!

Back in January 2017, I created a private coaching program - Project Me - exclusively for women who were looking to lose weight and build confidence in the gym.  

And let me tell you, THE RESULTS WEREN'T GREAT.  My clients were struggling to lose weight even though they were eating healthy and working out.  It's not that the information wasn't solid.  It's because my program wasn't specifically designed for women in their forties and beyond.     

That’s when I took it upon myself to study female-specific nutrition, hormones, and holistic health from the world’s top authorities (Dr. Bryan Walsh, Dr. Jade Teta, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Dr. Amy Myers, Dr. Chris Kresser… the list goes on).  I had no idea how complicated fat loss could be, especially for a woman in her forties that’s dealing with hormonal hell.

Here's what I learned.  Women over 40 don't need the latest one-size-fits-all program.  They need a program that's tailored to their unique needs as a woman with changing hormones. 


Here's the problem...

Most diets don't take your highly sensitive hormones into account. 

They recommend drastically cutting your calories and working out harder without ever considering the potential damage to your now very stress-reactive metabolism.

They recommend cutting out carbs completely and fasting every day, without ever considering the impact on your now overworked adrenals and thyroid.

They offer the same recommendations to men or younger women, who by the way, have completely different bodies.


So why are cookie-cutter diets failing you?


Most diets aren't tailored to YOU: your gender, your age group, your hormones, and your unique needs.

As a women in your forties, you can't be too extreme and you can't rely on calorie counting to lose belly fat. 

You also NEED HORMONAL BALANCE.  Not too much.  Not too little.  But just right!  

Trust me.  I’ve seen it happen over and over again.  Women come to me frustrated because they can't lose weight even though they meticulously track their 1200-calorie diet and workout six days a week.  

But let me ask you...

Does it make sense to take advice from a coach that probably knows nothing about perimenopause?

Does it make sense to follow a diet that was created for EVERYONE?


If you continue to do these generic programs, you'll get generic results.  A bit of weight loss the first few weeks, then nothing. 

These generic programs fail because they're too extreme and often cause more damage to your already off-kilter hormones and metabolism.

As a mentor once taught me, “to lose stubborn belly fat you need both a slight caloric deficit and hormonal balance.” 

Is this starting to resonate?

At this point, you're probably wondering, "Hayley, what should I be doing instead?"


I'm glad you asked! 

The solution is a program designed with you (and your unique hormones) in mind. 

A program that takes into account how macros, calories, exercise, and lifestyle impact your hormones and your metabolism (either positively or negatively).  

So let's dive in!  


The 90-Day Flat Belly Over 40 Formula

A transformation program designed to help women in their forties lose up to 20 pounds without restrictive dieting or spending hours at the gym.


The Flat Belly Formula is for health-conscious women who want a simple & sustainable system for ditching hormonal belly fat that doesn't require counting calories, tracking macros, working out twice a day, or eliminating entire food groups.  

In this 12-week program, I personally coach a select group of ambitious women (will you be one of them?) and guide them, step-by-step, on how to achieve the best body they've had in years!

This means adopting STRATEGIC STRATEGIES, such as my 5-Step Delay, Don’t Deny approach to carbs, calories, and treats!

Women in their forties can lose stubborn weight if they know exactly what to eat and exactly how to train to support their changing hormones, all while getting away with as much as possible...

...and I'd love to show you how.


But you might be wondering, “Will it work for me?”

Well that'll depend on YOU.  Are you ready to put in the effort and trust the process?

Because, I’ll be giving you the exact same strategies my clients have implemented to lose up to fifteen pounds in the first six week alone… not to mention the thousands of women that have used these time-tested techniques to lose weight when nothing else worked.  So I know the program is capable of delivering the promised results.

Yes, you can still lose weight in your forties, with the right guidance, and that’s why I created the 90-Day Flat Belly Over 40 Formula.

The Program Details:

My goal is to work closely with a select group of women and help them lose up to 20 pounds of fat, at which point they can move into maintenance mode (which I'll be teaching you) or continue their weight loss journey with the tools they've learned.

If you decide to choose me as your coach and join the 90-Day Flat Belly Over 40 Case Study Program, here’s what you’re going to get immediately upon joining:  

#1: The Flat Belly Over 40 Formula

  • A 3-phase system composed of an initial 21-Day Happy Hormones Reset to balance your hormones and reset your metabolism, my 5-step Delay, Don’t Deprive system for maximizing fat loss while eating carbs and plenty of calories, and my advanced Switch Method for losing the last 5 pounds!
  • The women in my group are following my step-by-step formula to eat LOTS of food and crush cravings, all while losing fat and staying motivated. This isn't a restrictive calorie diet.
  • Get ready to learn how to work WITH your changing hormones and feel in control of your body once again.

#2: The Goldilocks Fat Loss Workouts 

  • A workout program designed for the 40-year old female landscape. Enough to stimulate fat loss, but not so much to overburden your delicate hormonal balance.
  • The women in my group love how short and intense the workouts are. And who doesn’t love a workout program that involves scheduling time for a hot bath!
  • Get ready to lose fat AND build muscle without spending hours at the gym.  This is a case of less is more! 

#3: Mindset Matters Most Accountability System 

  • I will support you EVERY step of the way. You will have access to me at all times via the private Facebook Group and the workout app. And I’ll check in with you each and every week to see what’s working and to brainstorm obstacles that are getting in your way.
  • The women in my group are never left wondering and worrying about what to do next. If they have a question, I’m there to support.
  • Get ready to see how 1:1 coaching is a game changer when it comes to staying on track towards your goals. That’s the beauty of having your very own flat belly coach. I can give you a kick in the butt when motivation is lacking! 

#4: My K.I.S.S. Meal Plan & Sunday Ritual 

  • A foolproof meal planning system (and plenty of recipes) that will make it easy to stay on track, even on the busiest of days.
  • Leslie, one of my clients said the meal plan is actually “do-able” and the meals are delicious. Did I mention “yummy” is a pre-requisite when I’m choosing recipes?
  • Get ready to eat delicious foods that feel you leaving satiated and satisfied, not deprived.


Here’s What To Expect (and what's expected of you).

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive access to my Membership Area, where you'll find your nutrition program, your workout program, meal plans, recipes, habit trackers, and more. 

You'll receive an email with instructions for creating an account with TrueCoach, the online coaching app I use to deliver my workouts and ensure your consistency. 

You’ll also be invited to join The Flat Belly Club; a private Facebook community where you can mingle and learn from other women on the same journey.  This is also where you can get your questions answered by myself and other successful women in the program.

You'll also have access to me with 1-ON-1 email support.  If for some reason you have additional questions that can't be answered in the Facebook Group, you can email me any time for help. 

All I expect in return is commitment!  You’re going to have to DIAL IT UP for 90 days to get the body you’ve been dreaming of, but I promise to include wine, cheese, chocolate, and a crusty loaf of bread!

You only have to do this once!

You ready?


Who is this for?

  • Health-conscious women in their forties who are ready to change their nutrition and lifestyle to work WITH their changing hormones.
  • Health-conscious women in their forties who are ready to make themselves a priority; who will dedicate a portion of their budget towards healthy foods and carve out a couple of hours per week in their busy schedule to do the work required to stay on track and consistent.
  • Health-conscious women in their forties that ARE NOT ready to give up and accept that weight gain is just a part of aging.
  • Health-conscious women that want female-specific fat loss strategies and a sustainable lifestyle all at the same time.


Who is this NOT for?

  • Women who insist on limiting their caloric intake.
  • Women who think they've tried it all and aren’t willing to try something new.
  • Women who don’t think they have time to invest into themselves and their health.
  • Women that are looking for a quick fix that isn’t sustainable long-term.


A word from one of my Flat Belly clients... 

Hi, my name is Leslie Skolly - I’m a music Instructor living in Camlachie Ontario (just outside of Sarnia). When I started working with Hayley I was at my highest weight and lowest point in my self esteem and motivation to try one last time to get my excess weight off.

I had a partial hysterectomy when my son was 2 - he is 11 now, and for the past year or so I KNEW something was off with my body but my doctor didn’t take me seriously. I started to think it was all in my head and that I was just lazy. I was trying numerous different weight loss programs and pills but nothing was helping. 

I came across Hayley on Instagram just over a month ago, and for starters she looked like a healthy, normal, beautiful woman who was completely embracing her 40’s. It was so appealing! Then I thought ‘there’s no way she’s the real deal’. I was so wrong.

I replied to one of her posts to see what her program was all about - being fully prepared to hear some impossible to attain pitch of a weight loss program. Hayley got in touch with me very quickly and talked to me about the program and how it is geared for me to take my health into my own hands with her as my coach so that I could lead a healthy life while still enjoying foods I loved.

I was so intrigued to see what the program would do for me and how it could help my hormones, digestion, weight gain and so much more.

I jumped in with both feet because I felt like Hayley really wanted me to succeed and meet my goals, and that I wasn’t just another registration in the books. I am so glad I did.

I feel more like myself - my mind is clear and I have more regularity with my moods and how I approach each day. I’ve learned to treat my body well and help it relieve stress in the most simple yet sustainable way - exercise 3 times a week and walking. I’ve eaten food that I love and that is very easy to prepare and plan for, and my family loves it too which is a huge bonus!

I am finally loosing weight - the numbers on the scale are creeping down and I can see my body changing for the better. I like what I see in the mirror and I haven’t felt that way for a long time.

This journey is just beginning for me, but I’m here for all of it - the good days and the not so good days. With a coach like Hayley I’ve been able to see that I don’t need to give in to every craving that I have, but if I do stumble, it doesn’t mean that I need to completely give up. Every day is brand new and I have a support system that really gets what it’s like to be a woman in your 40’s with a crazy busy life.

If you’re on the fence about this program, don’t be - it will be the best decision you have made in a long time. It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it. Don’t wait anymore to really invest in yourself - you matter, and are so worth it!


Are you ready to find out if you're a good fit for the Flat Belly Over 40 Program?

Your next step is to book a Curiosity Call and find a quite space to brainstorm an action plan together.  

The goal of the Curiosity Call is to talk about your goals (so I know what to deliver as your coach), your current situation, and your #1 struggle to brainstorm an action plan together. If it makes sense to both of us, we can also talk more about the program and what it would look like working together via the 90-Day Flat Belly Over 40 Formula.

If we don't think we're a good fit for each other, I'll offer some suggestions and send you in a direction that can better serve you. Sound fair?

Your Coach,

Hayley xo